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Global IBIS Group has a variety of sides and offers international services. The advice of additional value information and manufacturing become the hint of an important marketing strategy for the big enterprise is offered. Moreover, it is well versed in supplementary business of sales promotion service connected directly with the actual profit that middle-scale firms need most, overseas purchase, and the alliance negotiation, etc. Currently, we need to use a wide range of European companies not only Japanese companies.

Global IBIS Group experienced overseas partners will be in attendance to ensure safe for clients. During the period, elaborate backup system for each management unit is also available in emergency response.
Global IBIS LTD (UK), the electronic equipment in Europe, medical devices, leveraging its extensive expertise in consumer packaged goods marketing and sales activities and product lines, will provide a realistic business negotiations on behalf of a client.
As a springboard for global business development, we search customers all over the world, distributors, companies that will explore the potential of suppliers.
All services are available for the major or minor exhibitions. Global IBIS LTD (UK) tours exhibitions of mainly Western countries as a routine work. It is also possible to the same team organize several European countries’ exhibition tour. Global IBIS LTD (JPN) support mainly to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand to open an international exhibitions.
The company's top salesman in Japan will promote a business for the client. On request, you can also work at the local agent. Global IBIS LTD (JPN) support mainly to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand to propose Sales Support Services.

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Multilingual research is the best approach to the feasibility study into the market. However particularly in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries is surprisingly labor-intensive and costly other than English and Chinese. Global IBIS LTD support quickly and at a reasonable price with the Japanese partners in overseas, local residents. In the future, market planning and self-report (Marlet Data Library) * we will post on the website.
Identify trends in the world at the same time with taking full advantage of the B2B interview expertise. Talk script is not by mechanical but a professional and flexible, allowing the acquisition of the trend alive.

Global IBIS LTD (JPN) is a service that does best. Various performances are also confidence in us.

We commit satisfaction of the client even any theme. Of course, focusing on compliance, international law, without violating the social norms, will perform his duties impartially fair. Confidentiality of sensitive matters, to protect our personal information is to carry out thorough.

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In future, the West region will become an important market for SMBs in Japan. Global IBIS LTD (UK) offers the European business support services.
Global IBIS LTD (JPN) has connections with technicians. The combination of a professional engineer and a marketing consultant will provide useful advice to offer more diverse and realistic.

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